A Natural Solution for Neck Pain

If you’re suffering from neck pain, you’re not alone. Neck pain research identifies that over half of the general population will experience an episode of neck pain at some point in their lifetime. Most neck pain sufferers will rely on symptom-numbing medications for relief. The main concern from this usual form of relief stems from the fact that medications simply cut off the pain signal temporarily. The body’s pain receptors become numbed while never addressing the cause of the pain. Symptoms usually become worse and dependency on medication becomes more dominant. The key to achieving short- and long-term results that last begins with addressing the underlying cause of pain. The type of provider first chosen for alleviation of neck pain symptoms turns out to be the most important decision in achieving successful long-term pain relief.

Neck Pain Study Showing Impressive Results For Chiropractic

A study published in December 2017 from the prestigious Mayo clinic, discovered that Chiropractic provides superior results when compared to other forms of treatment for neck pain. Chiropractic care produced the best outcomes in several categories, including: the lowest rate of opioid prescriptions, lowest use of advanced imaging, lowest referrals for injections, and the lowest surgery rate. In fact, the number of surgeries needed for those who used chiropractic care was zero. Chiropractic provides an important whole-body health-improving intervention for those with neck pain. Unfortunately, I hear repeated stories from my patients who endured years of endless suffering, prior to getting the opportunity to experience the benefits of Chiropractic. The most common health care practitioner that neck pain sufferers seek is a medical doctor, and the standard form of care usually starts with pain relieving medication, and a referral to either physiotherapy or massage, and the patient is never informed of the best form of care, even though it was published in “their” research journals. Patients ask me, why this happens? Medical doctors are routinely “wined and dined” (don’t believe me, just ask your local upscale restaurant if that sort thing happens here.) by the pharmaceutical companies and due to the mass marketing, prescription of pharmaceutical drugs are pushed as the standard of care. Chiropractic not only improves neck pain outcomes for those suffering, but also generates a host of added benefits through the scientific application of the adjustment.

The success of Chiropractic begins with the purpose and intentionality of nervous system care. Chiropractic does not simply focus on pain relief or symptom reduction. Chiropractic focuses primarily on achieving greater levels of health in the nervous system by improving the alignment and movement of the spine. The exclusive relationship between the spine and central nervous system allow Chiropractic care to facilitate healing and alleviation of many unwanted symptoms and conditions. Chiropractors focus on improving spinal alignment and mobility, allowing the nervous system to more clearly communicate with the rest of the body. Research over the last three decades continues to show evidence supporting the history of Chiropractic care and the results seen in clinics all over the world. Pain reduction proves to be just one of the many benefits achieved through the influence of a Chiropractic adjustment. Other functions proven to be influenced by a Chiropractic adjustment include improved breathing, better sleep, stronger immunity, increased mobility, better heart function, and many more.

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Neck pain is a warning sign that gives an indication that an underlying cause exists in the spine that must be addressed. Pain medications receive publicity and represent the most popular form of treatment for people experiencing neck pain. Pain medications never get to the cause of the problem. Chiropractors look at the structure and mobility of the neck and its potential role in pain and other body function problems.

Research shows that one of the best approaches to improving neck discomfort begins with an evaluation by a Doctor of Chiropractic in order to address the source of the pain. More and more people make their healthcare decisions based on the amount of evidence and research behind each intervention. Overwhelming evidence proves that Chiropractic achieves unique results unparalleled by other healthcare options. Research continues to validate the value and benefits of Chiropractic care for all ages.

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